Mozzeria D.C.

1300 H St NE Washington, DC 20002

April 11, 2021

Dear Mozzeria Customers,

 We have recently learned that a member of our team has been tested positive for COVID-19 the morning of Sunday 4/11. This individual started experiencing symptoms yesterday on the employee’s day off and immediately removed themselves from work to quarantine. 

We are prepared to handle this and have followed CDC recommendations for this situation. 

Below are the measures we will be taking for our staff and our building to ensure we can safety operate again:

  1. All staff members at this location who had direct exposure to this individual will be placed in quarantine and get tested. They will not return to work until it is safe for them to do so per CDC guidelines.
  2. We will perform a thorough cleaning and sanitization of our entire space.
  3. We plan on reopening as soon as we have deep cleaned the space along with a combination of staff members who did not have direct exposure per CDC guidelines.
  4. We will continue to monitor the health and symptoms of our staff  at the beginning of each shift as well as maintain our already thorough cleaning procedures.

 We apologize for not being able to serve you on this beautiful day! Thank you in advance for your understanding and we look forward to serving you as soon it is safe to do so!

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1300 H St NE, Washington, DC 20002, USA
COVID-19: A Message From The Mozzeria Family