Creating opportunities for Deaf people is not just the right thing to do, but the smart thing to do.

Create an Equal Future.

CSD Unites Community Foundation supports organizations that serve deaf communities across the country. The Foundation dreams of achieving long-term and widespread impact by becoming a central hub for deaf nonprofit leaders to access resources and funding. You can join this movement, too. Share the Foundation’s resources with your favorite nonprofits working with deaf communities, or make a contribution to grow our pool of funds bolstering the critical work of these organizations. Together, we can support programs that bring deaf people closer to an equal future.

What does the unites community foundation support?

Foundation Grant TEDxCollege Park


The Foundation is a grant provider and partner that works with organizations on projects designed to achieve deeper mission impact over the long term.

Foundation Network TedXCollege Park

Capacity-Building Network

The Foundation supplies networking opportunities for Deaf leaders and organizations to achieve greater impact as a field or movement.


Foundation Community TedXCollegePark

Community Mobilization

The Foundation provides training, funding, and resources to Deaf leaders to address injustice and inequity in their own communities.


How You Can Support

March 19th through March 31st, 15% of Mozzeria sale proceeds will go directly to CSD Unites Community Foundation. Order our authentic Neopolitan pizza using promo code TEDXCSD10 to support the deaf ecosystem.

You can always support the Foundation by making a one-time, or recurring donation here.